Gupton Publishing exists to provide inspirational materials for pastors, preachers, teachers, and others engaged in sharing the message of Jesus Christ and the eternal riches of God’s word.

A variety of sermon helps, including sermon outlines, full-length sermons, and other items will be available for those looking for fresh ideas and insights to stimulate their own creative juices.

Often, the seminal idea for a great sermon comes as a flash of inspiration while reading a sermon or outline penned by another preacher. It is in this spirit and with this hope, that these items will be made available.

More importantly, we hope that God will bless this endeavor with souls saved and the church challenged to be more effective in His service.

Gupton Publishing is a ministry of Brent T. Gupton, Senior Pastor of the Meadowview Baptist Church in Campbellsville, Kentucky. For the past forty years, he has sought to deliver the good news of Jesus to as many as will listen, in the hope they will accept Jesus as their Savior. He has served as Senior Pastor at Meadowview since November 2003. Meadowview is a conservative Southern Baptist church that believes, teaches, and preaches the Bible as the true, unchanging, eternal word of God.

Gupton Publishing is a personal ministry of Rev. Brent T. Gupton and is not affiliated with the Meadowview Baptist Church, the Kentucky Baptist Convention, or the Southern Baptist Convention.